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We suggest builders who should be looking at your project.

Builder Solutions core service is builder brokering. From our network of pre-selected and screened construction companies, we can suggest builders that are best for the construction of your project. These builders are the best performing in their respective markets. We source our builders through constant contact with the industry, our own due diligence and referral from architects and developers. From townhouses builders to apartments builders, commercial builders to retirement builders we can get the best builders to you.
We simply provide Property Developers and Architects the ability to improve their network of builders.

A Network of the Best Builders in the Industry

For over a decade we have been closely monitoring the construction market for the best performers in each field. We have developed a formidable network of over 200 builders throughout Australia who you can call on.

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1) Discuss the project, the plans and your requirements
2) We introduce the best builders for the project and your company
3) Builders provide competitive quotes on time

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There are many reasons why property developers use Builder Solutions. Here are the three main reasons:

Our Latest Projects

Come and see a selection of the latest projects we have provided builder suggestions for. From duplexes to high density buildings we have been very active in the market. This provides us with great awareness of the best townhouse builders, apartments builders and commercial builders each region has to offer.

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