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Builder Solutions – The Value and Process

We provide development companies access to the best construction companies in each market niche.  Over many years of close contact with the construction industry we have developed relationships with the best builders in each market. We know which builders you should be talking to for your next development.
Through the 150 builders that we have in our network we can provide one two or three companies to quote your projects coming to construction.  We do not charge you, the builders pay us only if they are successful in signing a contract, providing us motivation to get the best price for you. 

Value we Provide

  •  Introduction to builders highly recommended by active Developers and Architects
  • Access to builders who are hard to find and only working through referral
  • Builders who are the most competitive in their respective markets
  • Bring builders with construction alternatives, efficient building systems to save you costs
  • Introduction to builders who can provide financial support for projects and Joint Ventures

What to do next
Simply give us a call or email to discuss your project requirements. We will forward you the names of our selected builders and get them to quote the work.  We can introduce them through meetings and work toward getting the best solution for your project.


Market Activity:

What we are seeing and doing in the Market

Brisbane’s Hot Market

As most in Brisbane will know construction in the area has dramatically increased. From this has come a difficulty to get good builders that are in high demand to put time into new projects.  At Builder Solutions we have had many developers call us so they can have builders quote their work.  We can increase the number of quality builders looking at your project at a time when it can be hard just to get one to look at your job.

The busy market in Brisbane has seen prices from some builders become quite inflated. We can avoid this as we know if our builders can take on more work and because we give them more jobs we will get a better response from them.

Our Past Year of Projects

It has been a busy year for Builder Solutions. During the year we have helped with over 50 projects from North QLD to Melbourne and also remote areas like the Pilbara and the Upper Hunter.  Many of our projects have been in the residential sector and range anywhere from a duplex in Stockton NSW to high density apartment buildings in the CBD’s of each state.  More recently we have seen an increase in commercial work come through as people begin to understand the potential of our builder network.

The majority of our work is now coming through referral from Architects, Engineers and existing clients. An example is an Architect in Brisbane let us help on a project for nearly 40 apartments in Windsor. After introducing a builder that fit well with their client they have forwarded through another project for 60 apartments.  Our network of professional builders is an impressive tool and consultants and experienced developers are benefiting from consulting our team.

Greener Buildings – Smarter and Cheaper Building Products
It has always been hard to make buildings more sustainable (green) without paying a premium for it.  Now an innovative Australian company have turned this norm on its head.  Nu-Rock Australia can make traditional concrete blocks and common bricks out of fly ash, which is waste from coal fired power plants.

To make material it only takes 2% of the energy required to make a traditional brick or concrete block. The blocks and bricks are also carbon neutral which has excited the government and the Clean Energy Finance Fund who now support the manufacturer.
Also the blocks are 95% fly ash which is utilising material that is otherwise sitting outside destroying our environment.

The important part to developers and builders is that the blocks and bricks are 50% cheaper than retail prices.  Even for National construction companies ordering millions of units, Nu-Rock are still 20% cheaper than the prices they can get from competitors.

If you want more information on these products please email: [email protected]



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