The Construct: Issue 7

We are seeing a lot of change in the market at the moment. From continued growth in Sydney making it hard to find a builder to a slow down in Brisbane causing some major construction company collapses. This issue we are providing some resources showing what is going on in the market and some trusted contacts that may help with your project.

Our new website now includes the locations we have been active. Also included with some are descriptions of what prices and local conditions we have seen there. These will be continually developed to provide our clients a reliable source of construction information.

Construction News and Data
The Urban Developer – Research, Sectors and Features
RLB Crane Index
Urban Melbourne – Excellent source of news and information on the Melbourne and Sydney property market.
RLB Oceania Report – Regional performance with insight into each property cycle and other performance indicators.
Performance of Construction Index – Australia

Problem Solving Partners
JS Architects – Efficient designers with construction know how
Gelder Architects – Practical, excellent designers. North Syd CBD
Kries Grennan – Superb inner city residential Architects
GPS Development Finance – Reliable and trusted alternative finance provider

Procurement from China
We can connect you with an Australian company facilitating access to Australian standard finishing materials to reduce construction costs.

They have provided these materials for Multiplex, Probuild, Hutchinson’s and other major builders. Their process is simple and transparent and they have solved all the issues with buying from China.

  • Saving of 45% and 60% on locally purchased finishing materials
  • Access to manufacturers with a min 3 years history selling to Australia
  • Experienced logistic company providing timely delivery and storage
  • Australian Standards & certifications & international Warranties
  • Ausasia staff in China reporting quality to builders before leaving factory

Email for Procurement Info              Call Sam on 0450 963 901

Our Builder Network is Improving
We are continually in touch with the market. This means our network of builders is improving all the time. We have excellent new up and coming builders, experienced builders taking on bigger projects and others moving into new areas and markets.



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