Construction Costs and Tightening Lending

In most regions we have seen construction costs starting to steady after 24 months of increases due to busy markets. While concrete and some other elements stick with their periodical increases regardless of market change, trades and other costs are stabilising. This is supported by RLB’s Crane Index indicating that overall crane numbers have decreased, however increased for apartment buildings. This slowing should not been seen as doom and gloom as the report also reflects the moves by developers to smaller-scale projects in inner-ring suburbia away from large CBD projects. A trend we have also seen and where we have a wealth of experienced builders.

In conjunction with the above, banks have begun tightening lending. Now a builders history and relationship with institutions is crucial to being accepted to complete any project they fund. If they are cheap but not established the bank won’t take the risk. Builder Solutions knows who will be accepted for your project, helping you avoid wasted time and resources.

In the Spotlight: Local Analysis

Our new blog series provides construction and development information at a local level. We include local construction costs, major projects, development news and forecasts for a different region every two weeks.

Gold Coast – What’s driving the current boom.
Newcastle – V8’s, cruise ships and growthaplenty.
Penrith – One of the most affordable locations in Sydney is getting busy.

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Innovation in Construction

Consuming 1/3rd of global energy and 40% of raw material flow annually, the industry’s impact is significant. Construction waste also accounts for 20-30% of all waste in landfills. This provides opportunity for companies. Why then is the industry so slow to adopt change? One article investigates why and the other provides an overall framework for change.
“What’s Halting the uptake of New Green Tech in Construction”
“The blueprint to a low-carbon construction industry”

Our Builder Network is Improving
We are continually in touch with the market. This means our network of builders is improving all the time. We have excellent new up and coming builders, experienced builders taking on bigger projects and others moving into new areas and markets.


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