Our Story - Builders

Since 2006 we have been collecting information on local builders. We recommend these companies based on this knowledge. We are talking to and meeting builders everyday! Our mission is to help property developers make smarter decisions when letting out build contracts. 
We work on 80 projects per year ranging from 200 unit apartment projects with established developers to duplexes with mum’s and dad’s.
We research our builders so you can save cost on the due diligence required when selecting them for a tender. We find the best outcomes arise when the stage of growth and personalities of a developer and builder are similar. This is a important so you have a builder to grow with.

Our Process, Keeping it

Firstly we assess the project and your requirements. A decision is made on the local builders who will excel on the project and we provide their names and profiles following this up with a meeting should you decide to proceed.
They will quote the project on time and we discuss the quote with you. The level of interaction with the builder is at your discretion and we progress with discussions to a contract.
Once introduced you are not bound by any contract or obligation to employ those builders, you are simply improving your chances of finding the right builder.

“Local builders with local knowledge”


  1. Discuss the project, plans and your requirements
  2. We introduce the best local builders for the project
  3. The builders provide competitive quotes on time

How we get Paid – Our Fee

There is no contract between Builder Solutions and you the developer and there are no fees payable above the cost of the construction quote. We receive a fee from the builder if they are successful in signing a contract. This is what drives us to introduce builders who provide competitive and comprehensive submissions, we only receive a fee if our builders win the contract.

Sam O’Rourke – Director

For over a decade Sam has developed an expansive network of builders and developers. His genuine desire to see developers make smarter decisions when it comes to construction is why Builder Solutions exists.

His early work ethic was developed through sheep farming in New Zealand where open markets drove innovation and competitiveness. From there a love of rugby and study in Canterbury matured into a Bachelor of Commerce and Management. Roles in manufacturing, construction and business development fostered an interest in discovering solutions, doing things smarter and following instincts.

Now as the director of Builder Solutions and Geobuild he is having an impact on the construction industry and looks forward to helping the sector utilise smarter construction solutions.

What They’re Saying

“Builder Solutions has provided an invaluable service in introducing builders to our projects, their builder selections are tailored to suit the project scope and they provide us with references of the builders up to date capability and delivery history. Sam and Builder Solutions has saved our time in the builder selection process and at no cost to our clients.”

Brendan CappCCN Group

“Sam came highly recommended to help locate a builder for our unit development on the Sunshine coast. We developed a good working relationship with the introduced builder, but it soon became obvious that our project was not viable with the design that we had. Sam asked us for details of our problems and then introduced us to a new architect whom he said would be able to salvage our project. The architect was a magician, the result for us is a very viable, and cost-efficient design that increased yield by 25% on a similar footprint and similar build cost. It was Sam’s understanding of construction alternatives and his breadth of professional contacts that allowed him to mend our broken project. ”

Peter NewmanDeveloper

“Dear Sam, Thank you for your referrals of builders for my development projects. The builders referred provided excellent initial feedback and indicative pricing on the project . The builder selected will be able to deliver on time and budget. Thank you for your help to make a difficult decision easy.

Nick RhodenDeveloper

“Jessie and I can not thank you enough for the building contacts you have connected us with for our developments in Sydney and Brisbane. The builders who you recommended for tender were professional, able to tailor packages to our feasibility needs and submit competitive pricing. Our projects have all been a great success largely due to our ability to secure reliable and cost effective builders and other consultants that you were able to recommend to us. Your honesty, knowledge, service and contacts have proven to be invaluable to our development success to date.”

Sam JacobsZoom Property Creations

“Builder Solutions has been really helpful with the introduction of a local builder in Melbourne, Victoria for my Project. Although we are still at a pre-contract phase, an excellent pro-active, friendly, as well as professional follow-up service has been noted from Building Solutions with thanks - and particularly with builder as well as developer. We are still hoping to finalise a competitive quote with a recommended builder and progress to a contract so that building can commence ASAP. Please keep up the good work Sam as a successful outcome from this Project will lead to more opportunities with a win-win outcome for all interested parties.”

David Ong

“Builder Solutions are an excellent company to deal with, they provide professional assistance and advice when we need it. Sam O'Rourke is very knowledgeable, of personable character and capable of delivering a solid solution. Strongly recommend their ability to source discounted construction materials for project fit-outs - When we build, we turn to Builder Solutions, excellent service and value for money!”

Barry JakemanAusasia

“Builder Solutions has been really helpful with the introduction of a number of local builders in Sydney, New South Wales for my projects. Although we are still at a pre-contract phase, an excellent pro-active, friendly, as well as professional follow-up service has been noted from Building Solutions with thanks.”

Andrew LiuDeveloper

“Sam O'Rouke is an invaluable asset to any developer who is looking for reliable, motivated builder. He understands the industry both both sides and most importantly he follows up to make sure his recommendations are suitable. A very a nice guy to deal with”

Genna LevitchDeveloper

“Sam was able to very quickly put us in touch with some builders suitable for one of our projects. Very helpful.”

Michaela YatesDeveloper