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We know the best builders Melbourne has to offer and we can suggest them to you.

Melbourne is a diverse market place for construction. There are many niche builders who can offer a specific advantage for a particular size project in a particular location. Whether a project requires a specific level of finish or builders with specific local knowledge we know the best Melbourne builders to talk to.

From the high end product in Hampton and styling required for emerging inner suburbs, to the affordable townhouses and converted industrial buildings we have builders with experience for each job.

We can suggest to you the best network of builders Melbourne has to offer. Our Process is a simple recommendation.

Connecting developers with the best builders Melbourne has to offer

We know the Melbourne builders who you should be talking to. Years of involvement in residential and commercial construction in Melbourne has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the market. They come highly recommended by other developers and consultants impressed with their previous performance. We can provide insight to build prices and in some cases rough estimates.

Construction Costs - Builders Melbourne

A recent research paper has found labour costs per square meter in Melbourne are among the highest in the world. This has been put down to the enterprise bargaining agreements in the construction sector. This only occurs in the CBD where projects are affected. You can view more detail of this in the article. It is estimated that cost premiums from the EBA’s are adding 30% to construction costs which has a huge effect on development viability.

Outside of the Melbourne center prices become more reasonable which is where a lot of our clients focus their development. In the middle ring of Melbourne we have been seeing prices from $220,000 to $300,000 per apartment.

For townhouses this has been around $10,000 to $16,000 per square depending on the finish level and location. If working with a builder reverse engineering a project to meet a particular project $9,000 per square may be achievable in the outer regions.

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