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We know the best builders Sydney has to offer and we can suggest them to you.

Sydney is a diverse market place for construction companies. There are many niche builders who can offer a specific advantage for a particular size project in a particular location. Whether a project requires high Home Owner Warranty coverage or need a specific level of finish we know the best Sydney builders to talk to.

We can suggest to you the best network of builders Sydney has to offer. Our Process is a simple recommendation.

We know the best builders Sydney has to offer.

Years of involvement in residential and commercial construction in Sydney has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the market. They come highly recommended by other developers and consultants impressed with their previous performance.  Some project examples are 73 apartments in Epping, 10 high end units in Cronulla and townhouses in Alexandria.

Construction and Development Market

Sydney has a very busy construction market. According to the RLB Crane Index Sydney had 51% of the 654 Cranes as of the 2nd quarter of 2017. There is plenty of work on and construction is booming. Due to this many of the well known builders Sydney have no capacity left for the coming year and a half. Therefore finding the right builder willing to take on your project is very difficult. Many times we hear that of the builders left they are disinterested and providing weak tenders or submissions.

At Builders Solutions we know who has too much work on and who is coming off projects with capacity available. This means we can ensure you talk to builders who will competitively and comprehensively compete for your work.

Construction Costs

In most places in Sydney you will not be able to get an apartment built for less than $300,000. The exceptions are Penrith, Liverpool and other out lying suburbs. Examples of what we have seen include $323,000 per unit for apartments in Epping and $400,000 an apartment for a multi unit project in Cammeray.

With higher end projects costs can balloon. For higher end townhouses in Warrawee construction costs have been coming in around $600,000 per townhouse. Then for high end apartments we had our builder win a project for 10 apartments with a build cost of $1 million per unit.

Builders Sydney has will move around and that includes ours. In some cases our builders provided more competitive prices because they were based on Western Sydney cost structures. They have experience building in northern, central or eastern suburbs but do not charge the premium other can.

Our Knowledge of Builders in Sydney

Builders in Sydney have the advantage of being able to choose the work they want to take on. This is due to the amount of work available. The surplus of work on means that builders are being more specific with which projects they want to compete for. This could be the type of project, location or size of the project.

As an example builders that used to build 20-80 unit projects only now want to see 60-100 unit projects. This has left a deficiency of builders that will take on the apartments project from 15-40 units. Luckily we know builders who have come into this space who are reliable and good enough to meet bank requirements.

Home owners warranty also poses a problem with townhouse and apartment developments below 4 levels. Especially if they are over 10 units. It can be very difficult to find a quality builder with the available HOW to complete the job. We know a number of builders with very high levels of home owners warranty to help in these situations.

Recently we introduced two builders who have the home owners warranty to complete a project over $20 million in construction cost. There are not many builders like this available most of which we know.

Best Builders in Sydney

In summary we have a network of 80 builders in Sydney who are the best in their field. We know builders experienced in child care, senior living, boarding houses, townhouses, apartments, aged care, commercial, fit out and mixed use buildings which can help you. Some have their own niche like one Sydney builder which has experience with radiation bunkers in hospitals. We can put you in touch with builders that can help with your project.

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