Epping Builders

Our network of Epping builders has grown significantly over the last 4 years. This has been driven by increased enquiries from architects, project managers and developers wanting to know who are the best performing Builders for their projects.

Projects we have worked on in Epping have ranged from Townhouses to high density 100 units. These have not only come from property developers but also project managers and architects. The Consultants see value in our Epping Builders network because these are vetted builders who have a track record in the area. They value the recommendations we can make and the information we can provide on the builders performance.

More recently we introduced a project manager to two builders for a 64 unit project in Epping. The project manager is a repeat client of ours and we introduced two excellent builders who provided excellent submission and negotiated further with the developer. The costs for these jobs was around the $320-$330k per unit range.

Our Epping Builders

Our builders range from apartment builders that can deliver 20-200 apartments to townhouse and commercial builders. We have even helped highly experienced developers in this area by introducing builders they don’t know. This includes Loftex and their project in Epping.

There is a lot of construction taking place in the area which means that resources of builders here are stretched. Many builders are operating at capacity and cannot take on much more work meaning that finding a builder suitable can be difficult. We know which builders are close to completing projects and others who have capacity to price your project competitively.

With the major banks now restricting lending this results in lenders being very picky on the builders they accept for a project. The builder must have experience in the surrounding or similar areas and have completed projects of similar size or larger. For some developers this means they have not been able to go with their regular builder. This is where we can help because we know which builders will be accepted for a certain project. This will save time by avoiding engaging a builder who will not be approved for the job.

From houses to townhouses to apartments we our builders will improve your network and project outcome. 

We also have builders who have worked in the surrounding areas like Ryde, Lane Cove, Glasdesville and Carlingford.

Our Process is simple, just call us and we can make some recommendations.

The Best Epping builders
available to you

  • Apartment builders currently building in area
  • Apartments Builders on bank panels
  • High End townhouse builders