Hampton Builders

Builder Solutions has been active in the area for many years now and we know Hampton builders you should be talking to. We have builders currently working in this area with years of local knowledge including established trade relationships. We know most of the builders in this area and can recommend the right guys to use.


Our Hampton Builders and Experience 

High quality product is a requirement in Hampton and the surrounds. Our builders know the market well and have been delivering quality homes in the area for many years. They know the highest quality trades and have a desire for perfection on their builds.

We can provide you with the quality homes, townhouses and apartment projects they have completed in the past. This along with their company profile and other information to give you assurance of their track record.

Most of our Hampton builders have been working in the area on referral only. Because of this they can be hard to find builders who do not need to advertise to get work. These companies are worth their weight in gold and we know who they are. 

From houses to townhouses to apartments our builders will improve your network and project outcome.  

Our builders have completed many projects in the local area and will be excellent for your next project. 

Our process is simple. Just give us a call and we will recommend the builders you should be speaking to. They can help with design and construct options as well as local council knowledge and pricing so you can understand your projects feasibility. 

Connecting developers with Hampton Builders

  • High End homes and townhouse builders are our strength
  • Quality apartments builders with local experience
  • Quality builders without the luxury price tag