Newtown Builders

Builder Solutions has been active in the area for many years now and we know Newtown builders you should be talking to. We have builders currently working in this area who can do anything from a high end terrace or others who are large multi apartment builders.  

There is a lot of work going on in this area including Ultimo and Surrey Hills. We have seen a number of project here and know who is competing well.

There is also a number of boarding houses being done in the area and coming through council. These include ‘new age’ boarding houses with some additional private facilities available. These developments are finding uptake with students but also young professionals working in the city or studying.


Our Newtown Builders 

From houses to townhouses to apartments we our builders will improve your network and project outcome. With the number of units going up in the area it is important to have a builder that makes yours stand out. 

There are a number of builders with experience in the area which are based outside of this region. An example is a great builder based in Parramatta who has been providing more competitive prices for apartment projects. 

It can be very difficult to find builders for projects between 15-40 unit projects for this region. This is because Newtown builders who used to compete for this work have now grown and only looking for larger projects. There are now a new group of builders coming through who are taking on these projects. However they are not well known because they are younger and previously worked on a referral basis. We know these builders and can introduce them to you for your project. 

We have provided builders for apartments in Surrey Hills, 37 townhouses in Alexandria and 50 apartments in St Peters as a few examples.

To access these builders just give us a call or email. Our process is simple and quickly we will have builders to you. 

Connecting developers with Newtown Builders

  • High End homes and townhouses are a strength
  • Apartments Builders with great bank relationships
  • Design and Construct builders with large capability