Regional Builders

Regional Builders

Local knowledge is important for regional projects and having the best regional builders who know local trades is vital to the success of your project. Their knowledge of the local councils and ground conditions are just a couple of examples that can save you from unnecessary issues.

From Newcastle to Rockhampton, Geelong to Illawarra, Toowomba to Tamworth we can help. Below is some more information on how we can help.

Connecting developers

with the best

Regional builders

We know the regional builders who you should be talking to. Over a decade of experience in regional NSW, QLD and VIC which has uncovered some excellent builders.  Their local trade associations and experience with planning/local councils will allow you to avoid potential issues.  Our regional builders are part of the community and provide a smooth path for your project.

There is a wide variation in the growth regional areas are experiencing at the moment. For example Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast are booming so builders can be hard to find here. Recently in Toowoomba a client was struggling to find a builder that could meet their budget. So when we were able to introduce a builder which could meet their budget they were excited. The builder was also local so knew what could be achieved on the site so was more accurate with their price. We worked with them and achieved a relationship and price so the developer could move forward.

There are also larger regional builders which build in a number of regional areas. throughout one state or more. These builders have higher turnover so are more likely to be accepted by the banks for larger projects. They also have the experience needed t confidently deliver projects over $4 million. Their are two types of regional builders like this. Tier one regional builders who tend to complete very large government or private projects over $40 million. Then there is the smaller tier two builders which take on projects up to this amount or under. These construction companies can be very hard to find because they will often not be located where your project is. We know most of these companies so we can take the hassle out of trying to find them.

Recent projects we have helped with include 66 townhouses in Toowoomba, apartments and duplexes in Newcastle, townhouses in Geelong and apartments and townhouses in Mackay to name just a few.

We can suggest the best regional builders. Our Process is a simple recommendation.

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